James Anderson – group

Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University


Han Wang (PhD student; Fall 2020- present)
BS Econ, Capital University
MS Math, NUS
MA Applied Math, UPenn

Yiqian Wu (PhD student; Fall 2021- present)
BS Building, Environment and Energy Eng, HUST
MS EE, Tsinghua

Donglin Zhan (MS/PhD student; Fall 2021- present)
BS Applied Math, Sichuan University

Leonardo Felipe Toso (PhD student; Fall 2022- present)
BS EE, University of Campinas
MEng Control Eng, CentraleSupelec
MS Control, Signal and Image Processing, University of Paris-Saclay


Jip Kim (Postdoc)
Co-advised with Gil Zussman
Current position: Assistant Professor, Korea Institute of Energy Technology