James Anderson – teaching

Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University

PhD Student Supervision

  • Dhruva Raman: Now a postdoc at the University of Cambridge.
    Thesis: On the Identifiability of Highly Parameterised Models of Physical Processes.


  • Fall Term 2017
    CDS 231: Linear Systems Theory
    (co) Instructor - lectures on distributed control, model reduction, and Sum-of-Squares.

Lecture 1: SLS distributed control - notes
Lecture 2: SLS distributed control: proof of main theorem - notes
Lecture 3: SLS distributed control - robustness
Lecture 4: Balanced realizations and model-order reduction:
Lecture 5: Nonlinear and SoS:

  • Spring Term 17
    CDS 270-1: Complex Networks, Architecture, and Evolution
    (co) Instructor - lectures on distributed and localized control.
    Course description here. Lecture notes available in the Dropbox folder or through piazza.

  • Winter Term 17
    CDS 112/212: Introduction to Modern Control
    Guest lecturer - two lecture on Semidefinite Programming and Sum-of-Squares optimization as part of Professor John Doyle's Control System Design and Introduction to Modern Control classes.

Lecture 1: Semidefinite Programming - notes
Lecture 2: Sum-of-Squares - notes


  • Hilary 2015: C20 Multivariable Control - Linear Matrix Inequalities.

  • Michaelmas 2015: C20 Multivariable Control - Linear Matrix Inequalities.

A nearly successful effort to introduce the atmospheric system of traction 

An interesting and elegant apparatus designed to overcome once and for
all the difficulties of conveying green peas to the mouth.

Original image: W. Heath Robinson
Colouring: Adam Hart-Davis

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