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Against libertarianism

Airline Deregulation

Anti-Imperialism in the Age of Great Power Rivalry

Giovanni Arrighi's Vico-Marxism

Aspartame versus sugar (a lose-lose situation)

Will the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank be any different than the world bank?

Are bailouts Marxist?

Millionaire leftist Bard professors removed from Alexis Tsipras’s cabinet

Baseball and capitalism

Paul Baran as dependency theorist

Bernstein, Luxemburg and Desai

The Bernstein-Bax debate

Behind every great fortune there is a crime

Behind Every Great Fortune There is a Crime

Robert Biel's "The New Imperialism"

Blackout 2003

The Boeing 737 Max 8: a case-study in non-creative destruction

The political economy of a bridge collapse

Do capitalists create use-values?

Fall of a Predator: Steven A. Cohen

Crooked Timber's neo-Austrians

The Gindin-Brenner debate on crisis

Robert Brenner versus the dependency theorists

Marxist contrarians on the British riots

Capitalism and the 'undeniable' rise in living standards

Columbia Business School: toxic ideology dump

The Confidence Man

Creative destruction

Samuel Farber's dodgy reference to Cuban per capita income under Batista


Dollars and Dentists

The Economics of Hollywood

Mitt Romney, Karl Marx and the myth of creative destruction

British liberals versus Karl Marx; Marx wins by a TKO

The Fairway bankruptcy and private equity

The political economy of fashion

Financial crisis, the welfare state and disaster capitalism

The Final Question

The Financial Times on "capitalism in crisis"

Responding to Duncan Foley

Follow-up commentary on the Gindin-Brenner debate

Who is John Galt?

Letter sent to Goldman Sachs PR chief

Goldman-Sachs and 1MDB

The political economy of homelessness

Is Growth Over?

How the University Works; Reclaiming the Ivory Tower

Was Keynes a sociaist?

When I worked for the mob

Peter Camejo's long wave

Chase Manhattan late fee

Ira Rennert: Capitalist pig of the month

Bruce Kovner: Capitalist pig of the month

Henry Kravis and Columbia University: a match made in hell

Has Paul Krugman been reading Lenin?

Chocolate, Slavery and the World Capitalist System

Columbia Expansion

Crane collapses, corporate greed and the mob

A layperson's guide to crisis theory

Dependency Theory

Understanding Deregulation

The End is Near?

Finance Capitalism

Comments on the Fictitious Capital website

An introduction to Andre Gunder Frank

Bill Gates debates a sociobiologist about Africa's future

Global Economic Crisis

Introduction to Henryk Grossman

Henryk Grossman as dependency theorist

Michael Heinrich versus the crisis-mongerers

Some thoughts on Michael Heinrich versus "the classics"

Doug Henwood and the Global Economic Crisis

Doug Henwood, Anwar Shaikh, and Financial Crisis

Latin America and the dependency theory debate

Letter to Living Room Radio on Doug Henwood Interview

Doug Henwood on globalization

The Housing Question

The Housing Question 2

The NYC Real Estate/Housing crisis, part 1

The NYC Real Estate/Housing crisis, part 2

The New York housing/real estate crisis, part 3


Theorizing imperialism in today's world

Empire and imperialism: from a joint project with the late Mark Jones

A conference on imperialism

Lenin's "Imperialism" in context

How Lenin's "Imperialism" relates to today's world

Once again on Empire and imperialism

Lebron James and the cash nexus

Kautskyism and Autonomism

Keynesian illusions

Nicholas Kristof, Joan Robinson and sweatshops

Letter to Paul Krugman on immigration

The Last Professors

A review of Michael Lebowitz's "The Contradictions of Real Socialism"

A review of Michael Lebowitz's "The Socialist Imperative"

Critiquing a critique of Lenin

The decline and fall of Levi-Strauss

Living on $2 per day

Magdoff versus Belkin on market socialism

Magdoff on market socialism

Pavel V. Maksakovsky: The Marxist Theory of the Cycle

Mandel and Keynes

Market Socialism discussion in NLR

Markets in Cuba and Russia

Bourgeois pundits ponder Marx

Did Karl Marx endorse imperialism?

Defending Marx in Foreign Affairs

An introduction to Karl Marx's Capital

Karl Marx rides again

Introduction to Part 2 of Karl Marx's Capital

How Commerce Trumped Art at Miramax

The Myth of Mondragon

The production of absolute surplus value

Why do nations fail?

Neo-Utopian Socialism

Dueling Utopias

The New Economic Policy (NEP)

The New York Times's neoliberal crap on Greece and Italy

Obama's economic advisers

Obama's doublespeak on economics

Barack Hoover Obama

President Obama and extended unemployment benefits

Over-accumulation, over-production, under-consumption

Welcome to the Panopticon

The Political Economy of Nursing Homes

A reply to Leo Panitch on the relevancy of the term imperialism

Plumpy'nut and the politics of food

Charles Post, Left Voice, and the question f a labor aristocracy

The Prosperity Gospel

Public option and cooperatives

When the puppet talks back to the puppeteer

Steven Rattner: capitalist pig of the month

Are recessions better for the right or the left?

Red Plenty

China’s State-Owned Enterprises: a reply to Michael Roberts

Is China socialist?

The two degrees of separation between Robert Mercer and Chinese Communism

The sea cruise from hell

Selling out

Anwar Shaikh's long wave

David Schweickart

Blocking the scammers

David Schweickart versus Michael Albert

Richard Seymour's "Age of Austerity"

Shoveling Coal for a Runaway Train

Ken Silverstein's "The Secret World of Oil"

Sheldon Silver, caught with his hand in the cookie jar

Bipartisan threats to Social Security

Questions about socialism and value theory

Starving the beast

Ex-Marxist sociology professor cashes in

Spiked Online, Brexit, and the looming catastrophe

State Capitalism: theory and reality

What does state ownership have to do with socialism?

Ben Stein and Karl Marx

Memorial Meeting for Paul Sweezy

The economic theory and policies of Swedish social democracy

The economic contradictions of Syrian Baathism

Turkey's Calvinist Muslims

Twilight of the Nation State

An under accumulation of capital?

That "encouraging" 7.8 percent unemployment rate

Comments on a Wallerstein commentary

Bill Warren's folly

Did World War Two end the Great Depression?

Are worker-owned companies an alternative to capitalism?

Michael Yates's "Naming the System"