Basic Introduction to Researching the Law of the United States

A. Introduction (Para. 1-7)

B. Legislation (Para. 8-9)

C. The United States Code (Para. 10-14)

D. State Legislation (Para. 15)

E. The Concept of Case Law (Para. 16-20)

F. The Publishing Process (Para. 21-22)

G. Court Structure (Para. 23-24)

H. Federal Case Law Dissemination (Para. 25-27)

I. State Case Law (Para. 28-29)

J. Accessing Case Law (Para. 30-37)

K. Citators (Para. 38-43)

L. Note on Citation Form (Para. 44-45)

M. Administrative Law (Para. 46-47)

N. Administrative Rulemaking (Para. 48-50)

O. Administrative Adjudication (Para. 51)

P. Unofficial Publications for Administrative Law (Para. 52-54)

Q. State Administrative Law (Para. 55)

R. Constitutional Law (Para. 56)

S. Secondary Materials: Encyclopedias (Para. 57-60)

T. Secondary Materials: Restatments, formbooks, treatises (Para. 61-63)

U. Secondary Materials: Journals (Para. 64-66)

V. Computer Systems (Para. 67-69)

W. Key materials for additional guidance in research (Para. 70)

X. Purchasing Legal Materials (Para. 71)