Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions

Total Emissions

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Fossil fuel CO2 emissions by countries and regions for 1850-2018. The bunker fuels are not included. Data source: CDIAC primary data (1850-2014) and extensions by using BP's preliminary energy consumption data for each fuel type (2015-2018).
(a) For the total developed and developing countries and regions.
(b) For developed countries and regions: "Russia" = 0.6 x USSR (1850-1991) + Russian Federation (1992-2018). "Rest of Europe" = CDIAC's [Centrally Planned Europe + Western Europe + Germany + Turkey] - ["Russia" + Germany + U.K.], and Ships/Air = Sum of the bunker fuels of all the countries extended linearly after 2014.
(c) For developing countries and regions: Rest of Asia Pacific = CDIAC's [Centrally Planned Asia + Far East + Oceania] - [China + India + Japan + Australia], Middle East = CDIAC's Middle East - Turkey, S.&Cent. America = CDIAC's Developing America (including Mexico), Africa = CDIAC's Africa.
Note: Missing data before the first year with data are assumed to be zero, and between two data are linearly interpolated. The negative numbers in CDIAC's original data are replaced by zero. [Last modified 2019/08/04]

Figure in PDF. Data source: CDIAC (1751-2014) and BP (2015-2018). [Last modified 2019/11/04]

Top: Time series of fraction in % of the countries and regions CO2 emissions and bottom: cumulative emissions since 1751. Figure in PDF. Data source: CDIAC (1751-2014) and BP (2015-2018). [Last modified: 2019/08/05]

Figure in PDF. Data source: CDIAC (1751-2014) and BP (2015-2018). [Last modified: 2019/08/05]

(a) 2018 emissions by source region, and (b) cumulative 1751-2018 emissions Figure in PDF. Data source: CDIAC (1751-2014) and BP (2015-2018). [Last modified: 2019/08/08]

Figure in PDF. [Last modified: 2019/08/13]

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PDF, PDF for US only (Data through 2018, last modified 2019/10/22)

PDF (Data through 2018, last modified 2019/10/22)

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Per Capita Emissions

(a) Per capita emissions for 2018. (b) 1751-2018 cumulative per capita emissions. Now Turkey is moved from Middle East to the rest of Europe. Per_capita(2018) was computed as Total Emissions (2018)/Population(2018). PDF [Last modified: 2019/08/20]


Fossil fuel CO2 emissions are almost half by the top three emitting countries, almost 2/3 by top 10 countries and more than 3/4 by top 20 countries. in PDF. (Last modified: 2021/02/04)

Data for Selected Countries

Comparison of CDIAC+BP and BP only data