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February 7, 2005
Kansas SCt Soft on LC Deadlines: Carter Petroleum Products, Inc. v. Brotherhood Bank & Trust Co., 2004 WL 2070906 (Kan. Ct. App. 2004): Holds that presentation against an LC is timely when the draft is brought to the bank on the date the letter of credit expires, after the bank's lobby has closed, but before the drive-through window has closed.

February 7 , 2005
Visa Enhances PIN-Debit Chargeback Rights: In a move that parallels previous voluntary extensions of TILA chargeback rights, Visa voluntarily extended to its cardholders chargeback and right-to-withhold rights for customers that engage in transactions that use Visa’s PIN-debit product Interlink.  Those rights are similar to the rights Visa grants to cardholders whose credit card transactions clear through the same network (VisaNet).

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