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Part One - Payment Systems

Chapter 1: Checking Accounts as the Paradigm Payment System

Assignment 1: The Basic Checking Relationship and the Bank's Right to Pay Checks
Assignment 2: The Bank's Obligation to Pay Checks
Assignment 3: Collection of Checks
Assignment 4: Risk of Loss in the Checking System - The Basic Framework
Assignment 5: Risk of Loss in the Checking System - Special Rules
Assignment 6: Truncation and Check 21

Chapter 2: Electronic Payments

Assignment 7: The Credit Card System
Assignment 8: Error and Fraud in Credit-Card Transactions
Assignment 9: Debit Cards
Assignment 10: Automated Clearinghouse Payments
Assignment 11: The Wire-Transfer System
Assignment 12: Error in Wire-Transfer Transactions
Assignment 13: Fraud, System Failure, and International Issues in Wire-Transfer Transactions

Chapter 3: Electronic Checks and Developing Payment Systems

Assignment 14: Internet Payments
Assignment 15: P2P EBPP
Assignment 16: E-Money

Chapter 4: Letters of Credit

Assignment 17: Letters of Credit - the Basics
Assignment 18: Letters of Credit - Advanced Topics

Part Two - Credit Systems

Chapter 5: The Borrower's Obligation

Assignment 19: Promissory Notes and Interest Rates
Assignment 20 : Usury
Assignment 21 : Late Payment and Prepayment

Chapter 6: Credit Enhancement

Assignment 22 : Credit Enhancement by Guaranty
Assignment 23 : Protections for Guarantors
Assignment 24 : Third-Party Credit Enhancement - Standby Letters of Credit

Part Three - Systems for Enhancing Liquidity

Chapter 7: Negotiability

Assignment 25: Negotiable Instruments
Assignment 26: Transfer and Enforcement of Negotiable Instruments
Assignment 27: Holders in Due Course
Assignment 28: Documents of Title

Chapter 8: Securitization

Assignment 29: Securitization


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Outline Available
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