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Selected papers:


Interactions between family and school environments: Evidence of dynamic complementarities? , with O. Malamud and C. Pop-Eleches.


The big sort: college reputation and labor market outcomes, with B. MacLeod, E. Riehl, and J. Saavedra.

    American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 9(3), 223-261, 2017. 

    Research highlight with video 


School vouchers:  A survey of the economics literature, with D. Epple and R. Romano,

    Journal of Economic Literature, 55(2), 441-492, 2017.

Competition among schools: Traditional public and private schools, chapter in the

     Handbook of the Economics of Education, 5, 209-237, 2016. 


Reputation and school competition, with B. MacLeod,

    American Economic Review, 105(11), 3471-3488, 2015.
        Substantively different earlier NBER and IZA versions are here
and here.


Going to a better school:  Effects and behavioral responses, with C. Pop-Eleches,

    American Economic Review, 103(4), 2013.


School markets:  The impact of information on school effectiveness, with A. Mizala,
    Journal of Development Economics, 103, 313-335, 2013.

Competition and educational productivity:  Incentives writ large, with B. MacLeod, 
    in P. Glewwe, Ed., Education policy in developing countries. University of Chicago Press, 2013.


Class size caps, sorting, and the regression discontinuity design, with E. Verhoogen.
    American Economic Review,
99(1), 2009.

Socioeconomic status or noise?  Tradeoffs in the generation of school quality information, with A. Mizala and P. Romaguera.
    Journal of Development Economics, 84, 61-75, 2007.

Apples and oranges: Educational attainment in Latin America and the Caribbean, with V. Calderon.
    International Journal of Educational Development, 26, 572-590, 2006.

The effects of generalized school choice on achievement and stratification: Evidence from Chile's school voucher program, with Chang-Tai Hsieh.
    Journal of Public Economics, 90, 1477-1503, 2006. 
        An earlier NBER version with additional material is here.

Identifying class size effects in developing countries:  Evidence from rural Bolivia,

    Review of Economics and Statistics, 88(1), 171-177, 2006.

 Does school choice lead to sorting? Evidence from Tiebout variation,

    American Economic Review, 95(4), 1310-1326, 2005.

        An earlier version with additional material is here.

The central role of noise in evaluating interventions that use test scores to rank schools, with K. Chay and P. McEwan,

    American Economic Review, September, 95(4), 1237-1258, 2005. 



















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