Columbia Political Science


Balancing, Generic Polls, and Midterm Congressional Elections (Journal of Politics July 2010)
with Joseph Bafumi and Christopher Wlezien

Modeling Problems in the Voter ID-Turnout Debate (Election Law Journal 2009)
with Lorraine C. Minnite

Randomization Tests and Multi-Level Data in State Politics (forthcoming in State Politics and Policy Quarterly)
with Pablo M. Pinto and Kelly T. Rader

Dirty Pool Revisited: When Less is More
with Pablo M. Pinto and Kelly T. Rader

Uncertain Candidates, Valence, and the Dynamics of Candidate Position-Taking (Public Choice July 2010)
with Michael Bruter and Aaron Strauss

Caught in the Draft: Vietnam Draft Lottery Status and Political Attitudes
with Laura Stoker

Markets vs. Polls as Predictors: An Historical Assessment of US Presidential Elections
with Christopher Wlezien

On Forecasting House Seats from Generic Congressional Polls: A Retrospective on 2006 (with a Glimpse at 2008)
with Joseph Bafumi and Christopher Wlezien

Hispanic Voting in the American States: The Case of 2004

How Poorly are the Poor Represented in the US Senate? (forthcoming in Who Gets Represented?, Peter Enns and Christopher Wlezien, eds)
with Yosef Bhatti

Macro vs. Micro-Level Perspectives on Economic Voting: Is the Micro-Level Evidence Endogenously Induced?

Bargaining Across Issues in Legislatures

The Macro Polity Updated
with Michael B. MacKuen and James A. Stimson

Likely (And Unlikely) Voters and the Assessment of Campaign Dynamics
with Costas Panagopoulos and Christopher Wlezien


The American Voter and the Economy, 2008

Likely Voter Screens and the Clinton Surprise in New Hampshire
with Christopher Wlezien

The SurveyUSA 50 State Poll and the Electoral College
with Karl Sigman