Publications with Nicholas G. Duffield

I became aware of Nick Duffield shortly after he shifted his focus from mathematical physics to communications networks and performance analysis models around 1992. Nick was able to apply his skills in large deviations theory and other asymptotic methods, honed on mean-field quantum spin systems and the like, to obtain very impressive results for queueing models.

My collaborations with Nick began in 1996 in when he joined the Mathematics of Services Department headed by Albert Greenberg, a precursor of the current IP Network Management and Performance Department headed by Albert Greenberg in the Internet and Networking Systems Research Laboratory, headed by Hamid Ahmadi. Ever since the formation of our department, Nick has played a leading role in setting up the measurement activity.

My research with Nick focused on source traffic models that can represent complex Internet traffic and asymptotic methods to analyze the performance of complex systems. See the overview of our department's work on performance analysis models.

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