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Network Options

Whether you are on or off campus, you have many options for getting online. Students, faculty, and staff on the Morningside Campus have the option of connecting their personal computers using either high-speed wired Ethernet or wireless supported by CUIT.

When connecting from home, all members of the Columbia community with a valid UNI can use a modem to access our dial-up service.

Do you live in University Apartment Housing? Learn about getting a network jack on our Networking for Columbia Apartment Housing web page.

Advanced Networking

CUIT actively researches the latest network technology and participates in national and regional organizations including Internet 2 and NYSERNet. For more information, please visit our advanced networking information page.

Getting Help

Support for networking issues on the Morningside Campus is provided by CUIT Client Services. Please visit our Online Support Center for more information.

Support for networking issues on the Health Sciences Campus is provided by CUMC IT. Please visit the CUMC IT Homepage for more information.

Advanced Networking
Connection Guides
Dial-Up Service
Networking in Apartments

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Getting Help
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