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Lecture # WMA MP3
1. Introduction W M
2. Cytoskeleton W M
3. Membrane Structure W M
4. Junctions; Cell & Tissue Types W M
5. Transport of Small Molecules W M
6. Moving large molecules W M
7. Structure of Nucleus and Chromatin W M
8. Intro to Regulation of eukaryotic transcription W M
9. Regulation of Transcription W M
10. Animal Development 1 W M
11. Animal Development 2 W M
12. Protein Sorting W M
13. How proteins get to parts of EMS W M
14. Chemical Communication W M
15. Electrical Communication 1 W M
16. Electrical Communication 2* W M
17. Wrap Up of Electrical  Communication W M
18. Effectors: Skeletal & Smooth Muscle (Version 1 -- from the Thurs lecture) W M
18. Effectors: Skeletal & Smooth Muscle (Version 2 -- from the Fri lecture) ** W M
19. Muscles W M
20. Intro to Immunology -- see Courseworks for PowerPoint slides W M
21. Wrap Up of Immune Response W M
22. Into to Endocrinology W M
23. Hormones Cont. W M
24. Kidney Function W M
25. TK Receptors, Regulation of the Cell Cycle, Cancer W M
* About 15 min at the end is missing. We apologize for not noticing it in time to fix it.
** About 10 min at the beginning of version 1 are missing; version 2 is complete except I forgot to explain how Viagra works (which is included in version 1).

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