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Lecture # WMA MP3
1 Introduction to course; Overview of the Cell & Methods of Cell Biology W M
2 Cytoskeleton W M
3 Membrane structure, Cell-cell junctions & the ECM, Cell & tissue types W M
4 Junctions (see above); Cell & tissue types W M
5 Transport of small molecules across membranes W M
6 Moving large molecules into (& out of) the cell; RME W M
7 Intro to Protein Sorting W M
8 How proteins get to parts of EMS W M
9 Structure of Nucleus & Chromatin W M
10 Intro to Regulation of eukaryotic transcription W M
11 Regulation of Transcription cont W M
12 Signaling. W M
13 Electrical Communication 1   W M
14 Electrical Communication 2 W M
15 Wrap up of Electrical Communication W M
16 Effectors: Skeletal & Smooth Muscle W M
17 Animal Development 1 -- Stem cells W M
18 Animal Development 2 -- Sex Determination W M
19 Wrap up of muscle; heart & circulation W M
20 Homeostasis & Control of temperature W M
21 Intro to Endocrinology W M
22 Salt & Water Homeostasis; Kidney Function W M
23 Wrap up of Kidney & Blood Pressure W M
24 Molecular & cellular details of the Immune response W M
25 Optional Lecture on Cancer & Cell Growth W M

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