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of faculty 

Amer A. Beg

Genetic studies of NF-kappaB transcription factors

Research Highlights

Walter J. Bock

General evolution theory

Chloe Bulinski

Dynamics and functions of microtubules during myogenic differentiation and cell cycle progression

Harmen Bussemaker

Computational analysis of genome sequences and DNA microarray data

Martin Chalfie

Developmental genetics of identified nerve cells in C.  elegans

Lawrence Chasin

Pre-mRNA splcing in cultured mammalian cells

    Julio Fernandez Single molecule mechanics and engineering    

Stuart Firestein

Cellular mechanisms of signal transduction and olfaction

John Hunt

Structural biology of transmembrane transport

Daniel Kalderon

Signal Transduction in Drosophila development

Darcy Kelley

Sexual differentiation of the nervous system

James Manley

Regulation of mRNA synthesis in animal cells

Audrey Minden

Signal transduction pathways in mammalian cells

Robert Pollack

Analysis of the past and future of molecular medicine

Carol Prives

Structure & function of the p53 tumor suppressor protein

Ron Prywes

Growth Factor Regulation of Gene Expression

Michael P. Sheetz

Cell motility, motor molecules, integrin-cytoskeleton interactions

Liang Tong

Structural Biology of Signal Transduction Molecules

Alexander Tzagoloff

Energy coupling mechanisms

Lili Yamasaki

Function of E2F/DP transcription factors in vivo

Jian Yang

Structure, function and regulation of ion channels

Rafael Yuste

Development and function of the cortical microcircuitry

Complete list of faculty

Geoffrey Zubay

Prebiotic reactions leading to the origin of life

Research Highlights

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