Current Members

Principal Investigator

Contract Coordinator

  • Ryan Hastie

    Havemeyer Mail Code 3130
    3000 Broadway New York, NY, 10027
    Email: [email protected]

Visiting Research Scientists

  • Dr. Somdeb Mitra

    Ph.D. Biochemistry
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Email: [email protected]

Postdoctoral Research Scientists

  • Dr. Haixing Li
    Charles H. Revson Senior Fellowship in Biomedical Science

    Ph.D. Applied Physics
    Columbia University
    Email: [email protected]
  • Dr. Erik W. Hartwick
    Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship (F32)

    Ph.D. Structural Biology and Biochemistry
    University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine
    Email: [email protected]
  • Dr. Jerrin Thomas George
    Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Postdoctoral Fellowship

    Joint with Professor Samuel H. Sternberg

    Ph.D. Chemical Biology
    Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune
    Email: [email protected]

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Gonzalez Laboratory Alumni

Position Name Dates in Group Contact Info
Postdoctoral Researchers Bijoy Desai 2016-2020 [email protected]
Colin D. Kinz-Thompson 2016-2020 [email protected]
Bridget Huang 2016-2019 [email protected]
Somdeb Mitra 2010-2016 [email protected]
Kelvin Caban 2012-2018 [email protected]
Jinrang Kim 2012-2014 [email protected]
Jan-Willem van de Meent 2011-2013 [email protected]
Dileep Pulukkunat 2008-2011 [email protected]
Graduate Students Elizabeth Bailey 2015-2019 [email protected]
Nevette Bailey 2013-2019 [email protected]
Blanche L. Fields 2017-2018 [email protected]
Jason Hon 2012-2017 [email protected]
Bridget Huang 2011-2016 [email protected]
Colin Kinz-Thompson 2011-2016 [email protected]
Nathaniel Jaffe 2013-2016 [email protected]
Alexandre Alloy 2013-2016 [email protected]
Ritam Neupane 2015-2016 [email protected]
David Horstman 2013-2015 [email protected]
Rachel Fleisher 2009-2016 [email protected]
Nathan Daly 2011-2016 [email protected]
Bo Chen 2009-2015 [email protected]
Wei Ning 2009-2014 [email protected]
Daniel MacDougall 2007-2014 [email protected]
Margaret Elvekrog
2007-2011 [email protected]
Michael Englander
2006-2011 [email protected]
Jingyi Fei 2006-2010 [email protected]
Victor Naumov 2010-2012 [email protected]
Jiangning Wang 2006-2010 [email protected]
Jonathan Bronson 2007-2010 [email protected]
Phillip Effraim 2006-2009 [email protected]
Undergraduate Students Jaewook Ryu 2016-2020 [email protected]
Nathan Lee 2015-2017 [email protected]
Maya Ramachandran 2015-2017 [email protected]
Mia Kunitomo Summer 2013 [email protected]
Vincent Nguyen Fall 2011 [email protected]
Jordan McKittrick 2012-2014 [email protected]
Margaret Bermel Summer 2011 [email protected]
Madeleine Jensen 2010-2012 [email protected]
Esther Wolf 2009-2011 [email protected]
Arianne Richard 2009-2010 [email protected]
Noam Prywes 2007-2010 [email protected]
Anthony Testa 2009 [email protected]
Joseph Ho 2007-2009
Rathi Srinivas 2006-2009 [email protected]
Samuel Sternberg 2006-2009 [email protected]
Ann Cheung 2006-2007
Rotation Students Adam Lamper Spring 2020 [email protected]
Cristina Gutierrez-Vargas Summer 2014 [email protected]
Noopur Khobrekar Fall 2013 [email protected]
Meagan Dufrisne Summer 2013 [email protected]
Claudia Tenen Summer 2013 [email protected]
Scott Ugras Summer 2010 [email protected]
Rachel Kolster Spring 2009 [email protected]
Kelly McGrath Summer 2008 [email protected]
Daphne Anastasiades Spring 2007 [email protected]
Rohitha SriRamaratnam Spring 2007 [email protected]
Pallav Kosuri Spring 2007 [email protected]
High School Students Merilyn Varghese 2006-2007 [email protected]
Lab Technicians Amy A. Heffernan 2017-2018 [email protected]
Amanda Olivo 2011-2013 [email protected]
Corey Perez 2009-2011 [email protected]
Wendy Tse 2009 [email protected]
Subahsree Das 2007-2009 [email protected]
Benjamin Cahan 2006-2007 [email protected]
Web Developer Phivian Phun 2019-2020 [email protected]
Adam Chelminski 2013-2014 [email protected]