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Q: Are there quotas?
A: Yes.
File Quotas. The Z drive now has a quota. Currently (10/2006) these are:
Undergrad = 1gb
Grads = 2gb

Printer Quotas:
The department will also be installing printer quotas in the near future. We hope to keep them equally as liberal.

*Quotas in general are in place to prevent the potential for abuse of space and printing. Please keep in mind that the quotas are used to monitor and track the proper use of server space, printer supplies and to maintain the health of the network. Network drives and printers are intended for CEEM schoolwork use only. So please do not use them for personal data such as music, videos, or to print personal info, etc. The amount of space and freedom of printing may be decreased if abused. Personally, I had to fight pretty hard to get this amount of space and the freedoms provided with it, so please use it responsibly. =)

The purpose of the Z drive is to make data transfer and thus, your life a little easier. It is recommended that the z drive be used as a temporary or backup drive only. It is not thoroughly backed-up and thus the data is not 100% recoverable incase or a corruption, fire, data loss or other technical problem. It is preferred that it is used for backup or transferring purposes only, not as your only existing copy of that data.

Please Note: Z drive space will be deleted at the end of every semester. Please make certain that you take any data of importance with you. An announcement will be emailed out each semester as a reminder.

Q: My Computer account keeps requesting that I change my password. Is this normal?
A: No.
I am not a big endorser of changing your password every 5 minutes. Although it is definitely secure to do so, you tend to be securing your account against others and yourself. For your CEEM PC account, I do enforce a complex password requirement. My thought is that most people only have one or two passwords that they use for everything. Thus, you might as well have a good one. Using complex password increases your passwords strength exponentially. I do not require time based password changes. Please change your password if you suspect it has been compromised. Depending on how your account was setup initially, it may prompt you for a change. If your account is prompting you and your prefer it didn't, please let me know and I will correct the problem.

* See How to choose a complex password
* See Windows XP-How to change your password locally

Q: Can I bring food into the PC Lab?
A: Well, I prefer that you do not, but I am also a bit of a realist. I know that for a student, doing schoolwork, composing emails, and eating basically need to be done all at the same time most days. So I am ok with it.

Keep in mind though, that It will only take one or two bad incidents for the department to ban food in the PC Lab, so just be respectful of the equipment and I'll fight to keep it open. So, here's what I need from you. Be careful with food/drinks, courteous of others in the lab, keep the keyboards and mice clean and cleanup after yourself.
Bon appetite.

Q: Why can't I access my Z drive!
A: You've been bad!
No actually, there are a few reasons you might be able to access it. In any case, feel free to let me know and I can troubleshoot the problem.

Potential Reasons:

  • No connectivity to the network.
    • Check the network cable.
    • Bad DHCP - to fix try this.
      - Enter a DOS Command line.
      - Type: ipconfig /release, ipconfig/renew.
    • Server offline - This is rare now.
    • No Z drive ever created on your account or permissions issues. - this is rare now.



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