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Adding SEAS students to the Microsoft Campus Agreement being debabated. Stay tuned.

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Welcome to the CEEMIT web site!

Here you will find info related to Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics Information Technology (CEEMIT) at Columbia University. Please feel free to join the fray, as we work together to make an even better CEEM.

A Push to Keep on Top!
We are constantly developing our systems to provide even better and more convenient services. Thank you for all your feedback and assistances. It will serve to keep our Civil Engineering students at the top of their game!

PC Lab - Help Keep the PC Lab Clean
We have a great PC Lab with nice computers, useful monitor configurations, free dual printers, and working peripherals. Please help keep it clean and in good condition. This can be done easily by cleaning up after yourself, pushing in your chairs and playing nice with the computers.

Our students have a track record of excellence, which allows IT to push for better equipment, as it is well received, utilized and cared for. To date, we have never lost a single piece of equipment to abuse or theft from our students. Thus, it makes financial sense to invest long term in quality IT products, which provide our students with a significant advantage



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