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Grad Student Dinner 2006

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Adding SEAS students to the Microsoft Campus Agreement being debabated. Stay tuned.

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Get ready for the auditions, as our brave graduating seniors attempt to fill the big shoes of our beloved CEEM professors. Do you have what it takes?

Director: Yungmoon Chang
Cast: Graduating Seniors, class of 2006
Runtime: 12:02 min.
For all of you who have been chomp'in at the bit to see the video (Professor Deodatis), here you go.

#1- I converted the DVD to a 26.5mb .wmv file, which will play in the latest Windows Media Player. Just download and play.
Download - 26.5mb - .wmv file (download time: approx 2.5 min over a 1.5mb/s broadband line)

#2 For the Purist that must have the DVD and see the movie as it was meant to be!, complete with DVD title page... you can download the entire DVD here.

Note: This is in zip format and the native format is .vob. After you unzip the files, just burn the video and audio folders to a CDR (about 540mb) and watch with a DVD player/software. No guarantees it will work in your DVD Player =). If you don't have an actual DVD player software (like PowerDVD), Windows media player should also work if you have the correct codecs.

Download - 470mb - .zip/vob format (download time: approx "a long time" over a 1.5mb/s broadband line. Even longer over 56k... lol...56k =)



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