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Adding SEAS students to the Microsoft Campus Agreement being debabated. Stay tuned.

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How To's are being built as needed or as I have some time. Feel free to send any how to's you think would be useful for the department and I will list them below.

- Burn a .ISO to CD/DVD (with Roxio's Sonic Software)

- Canon Copier Public Scans to Network

- Check Your Password Stregnth

- Choose A Complex Password

- Email Phishing & Spam Defense

- Internet Speed Test

- Map a drive - Windows XP & OS X

- Protect your investment and data

- Secure Your PC - Windows & Mac Security

- Test Your Network Security

- Windows XP Cisco VPN client & Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to Columbia University Network (Professors & Staff only)

- Windows XP-How To Change Your Password Locally

- Windows XP-Change Default Printer

- Windows Vista-Business Edition - How to get a legal copy

- Windows Vista-Turn off (UAC) User Account Control (Aka: Annoying Vista Security Feature)

- Windows 7- Pre Release Purchasing Advice

* Want to create a new "How To" or improve a current one? Send it to: ceemit@civil.columbia.edu


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