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So your PC is secure. Are you sure?

Well, although you may have the latest OS updates, firewall enabled, virus and malware software guarding your machine, how do you know if they are working correctly and doing their job? Most of these applications can be set to auto-update, and I recommend doing this. But, there is always a but... you still need to check up on these services to make sure they are working correctly. Get in the habit of checking these settings once a week. Say for instance on Tuesday. Why Tuesday? Microsoft has proclaimed Tuesday as patch day and releases new patches to the public.

Windows Updates:
For example, Windows auto-updates will only install the critical updates that do not require user interaction. Many

Virus Protection:
You need to keep the latest software engine and definitions to ensure current protection

Malware Protection:
Much like virus protection, malware protection needs to be updated, monitored to ensure its doing the job and working correctly.

Testing your Security
There are a few great web sites that can help you test your security from the outside in. To ensure your security... you will want to run a few different tests from various venders to provide you with correct results. Here are a few web sites that I use for external access and testing.

* Do I have to say it? I guess so, only use well known and trusted web sites for performing security tests

Shields up!
Comment: Search for shields up in the service listing on this page. This site is owned and operated by Steve Gibson of the Gibson Research Corporation. He is also the author of Spinrite 6.0, a decent Hard Disk File Structure recovery application. I like this site best for a quick security scan of common ports. It is also very informative about securing and security.

Sygate Online Services
Comment: Very nice array of scans. Sygate is a well known software firewall company. They offer a great product.

Comment: nice array of scans


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