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Upcoming Event

Saturday, April 26th
Riverside Park

◄ Columbia University Chinese Students Club (CSC) PRESENTS RICE BOWL 2014 ►

What: 5v5 basketball and 5v5 dodgeball
Where: Riverside Park's basketball courts @ 475 Riverside Dr
When: Saturday, April 26th, 2014 11am-4pm
Who: Anyone up for the challenge!

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About Us

The Chinese Students Club (CSC) of Columbia University is a non-profit student-run organization that promotes social, cultural and political activities both on and off campus. We host various events and activities throughout the school year intended to promote awareness of Chinese culture at Columbia. All of our events are open to everyone; they are Chinese in theme, but not limited to Chinese in attendance. Meet our board!

We also have under us six satellite groups, ranging from the Wushu Club, Radiance Dance Troupe, and Chinese Yo-Yo Club, to the CSC-Connect Peer Mentoring Program, Chinese Conversation Club, and the English Tutoring Program.

Through CSC, we strive to share our culture with others. The events sponsored by CSC range from social mixers to political forums. Our annual events include the Lunar Gala, one of the biggest student-run productions at Columbia, Night Market, Benefit Dinner, and Rice Bowl (a sports tournament).

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Meet the 2013-14 Board!

Try hovering over the pictures! Photo Credit to Jackie Ho.

Executive Board

Amy Li

CC '16, Political Science
Activities/Interests: Columbia Women's Business Society, Arrested Development, dumplings, swimming

Denny Jin

CC/SEAS Vice President
CC'16, Economics
Marietta, GA
Activities/Interests: Lambda Phi Epsilon, Krumping, Freestyle Rapping

Rosie Deng

Barnard Vice President
BC '16, Neuroscience
White Plains, NY
Activities/Interests: admiring sunset, painting nails, going to mall, beach strolls

Will Guo

CC '17, Biology
Tenafly, NJ
Activities/Interests: Fish, basketball, video games

Chris Li

CC '16, Economics
Carmel, IN
Activities/Interests: Workaholics, inspirational rap, and engaging in collegiate activities

Executive Committee Members (ECMs)

Aini Sun

CC '17, Emglish
Princeton Junction
Activities/Interests: Reading, watching documentaries, green tea, following the Gordon Ramsay tag on Tumblr

Night Market 2013
Benefit Dinner 2013

Samuel Xiao

CC '17, Financial Economics
Palo Alto, CA
Activities/Interests: Fitness, Tech

Lunar Gala 2014

Neha Jain

Seas '17, Applied Mathematics
Southlake, TX
Activities/Interests: My interests include playing the flute, singing, learning wushu (chinese martial arts), and telling everyone I know to join the best club ever, CSC!

Lunar Gala 2014

Rebecca Ren

CC '17, "Econ/Poly-sciiii"
Mahwah, NJ
Activities/Interests: brunch, crossword puzzles, indie music, Sherlock, ultimate frisbee, Undergraduate Recruitment Committee

Night Market 2013

Kimberly Hou

CC '16, Neuroscience and Behavior
New York, NY
Activities/Interests: chocolate croissants, playing piano, and learning to code

Lunar Gala 2015

Alexandra Zhang

BC '17, Political Science
Berwyn, PA
Activities/Interests: CUO, MUN, music, photography, swimming, food, netflix

Lunar Gala 2014

Emily Hu

CC '17, Economics
Lexington, MA
Activities/Interests: Cooking, baking, eating :)

Night Market 2013

Organizational Committee Members (OCMs)

Mercedes Chien

CC '18, Undecided
San Jose, CA
Activities/Interests: Adventure, food, sleep

Jason Lei

SEAS '18, Computer Science
Scarsdale, NY
Activities/Interests: Music, photography, fooding, long walks on the beach

Gary Chen

CC '17, Economics-Statistics
Hong Kong
Activities/Interests: Traveling, reading, cooking

Isabel Weiss

BC '18 Undecided
Portland, OR
Activities/Interests: Springboard diving, hiking, baking pies

Leena Dai

CC '18, East Asian Studies
Philadelphia, PA
Activities/Interests: eat

Jane Yu

CC '17, Financial Economics and English
West Hartford, CT
Activities/Interests: Baking, British Literature, Running, Walking, Exploring, Sleeping, Netflix

Kyle Lee

SEAS '17, Computer Science
Madison, NJ
Activities/Interests: I have a very distinct high-pitched voice, so you can easily spot me from the crowd. I can eat anything, and I mean anything, but I don’t enjoy cooking because it takes too long. I love traveling and going on adventures to remote places (nature is the best) <3

Alex Li

SEAS '18, Operations Research
Fairfax, VA
Activities/Interests: Swimming, Snowboarding, Photography

Raymond Li

CC'17, Economics-Statistics
Palo Alto, CA
Activities/Interests: Longboarding, ultimate frisbee, music

Stephanie Ding

CC '18, Neuroscience
Armonk, NY
Activities/Interests: Otters, volleyball, drawing, netflix, traveling

Kathy Yuan

BC '18, Statistics
Allentown, PA
Activities/Interests: Tennis, music, traveling, visiting museums, television, pop culture.

Jeff Niu

GS '16, Economics, East Asian Studies
NY/Moorpark, CA
Activities/Interests: Swim, basketball, dance, Netflix, being domesticated

Satellite Groups

CSC Connect

CSC's big sib-little sib program! CSC Connect is a family-style mentorship program where Little Sibs and Big Sibs are matched into a family unit for mutual growth and networking opportunities. Big Sibs are upperclassmen (sophomores and above) and Little Sibs are usually freshmen (although any new incoming student is eligible to be a Little Sib). Sign at the beginning of each school year either as a big sib or little sib and be placed into a warm, loving family.

Coordinators: Jennifer Xiong and Genevieve Chow

Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts)

Wushu is contemporary Chinese martial arts with roots in the many traditional Chinese martial art styles. It is primarily a performing art that emphasizes speed, power, flexibility, balance, and looking unbelievably good. The history of wushu traces back to the early days of the People’s Republic of China when the leaders decided to try to unify the hundreds of styles of kung fu that existed back then. They eventually decided to split the styles into a Northern style known as longfist and a Southern style simply called southern fist. In addition, there are four major weapons categories: dao, jian, gun, qiang, and numerous other minor styles adapted from traditional styles.

President: Daron Lin

Chinese Yo-Yo

The Chinese Yo-Yo Club's mission is to share the art of Chinese yo-yo and diabolo through performances, demonstrations, and workshops. Members have performed for various events on and around campus including the CSC Night Market, CSC Lunar Gala, Days on Campus, and NYU TASS Night Market. They have also held workshops for children at CASPY and Asian Youth Program.

Co-Presidents: Adrien Brochard and Sean Ballinger
Senior Advisors: Emily Lin and Sam Guo

Chinese Conversation Club

The Chinese conversation club is a great opportunity for anyone looking to improve their fluency in Chinese. Foreigners, ABC's, and native speakers are all welcome! Meet friends and new people as we chat over free food during our bi-weekly meetings.

Coordinator: Connie Chen and George Zhao
Email: and


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Photo credits to Ben Xue, Brian Wu, Jackie Ho and Columbia Photography Association!


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