CSC hosts some of the biggest events on campus throughout the year. We hope to see you there!

Night Market

Night Market is one of Columbia's largest fall semester events. Emulating the iconic night markets of Asia, the event annually draws over 2000 spectators and participants not only from the CU community but from all over the world! Hundreds of student groups engage with Night Market attendees by providing delicious refreshments and entertaining activities.

Taste of China

A new CSC event, the Taste of China introduces students to Chinese culture through its various regional cuisines, including spicy Sichuan and Hunan dishes, sweet Cantonese recipes, fresh Zhejiang seafoods, and more.

Lunar Gala

A celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Lunar Gala is a longstanding tradition at Columbia University. Since its inception in 1978 by the Chinese Students Club, Lunar Gala has showcased the panoply of culture, talent and innovation present within the Columbia community and attracts over 600 attendees each year.

Rice Bowl

Hosted in Riverside Park, Rice Bowl is CSC's annual sports tournament filled with fun and free food. Participants can enter in teams to win prizes in games such as basketball and dodgeball. The 1st place winners of the Basketball and Dodgeball tournaments receive the coveted "Rice Bowl".

Thank You Party

Thank You Party invites all board members (past and present), as well as general body members to celebrate the accomplishments of the year. CSC alumni and general body members enjoy light refreshments at the annual themed party, set at the end of the school year to commemorate and give thanks to everyone who supports CSC along the way.

New Events

In an effort to increase CSC's political presence on campus, the board plans to introduce a series of new panels and other sessions as events happen around the globe affect our community.