The CSC Board is a family of committed student leaders, dedicated to the promotion of Chinese culture on campus.

Executive Board

The Executive Board represents the primary leadership of CSC.

Margaret Guo
CC '20
In her free time, Margaret enjoys listening to dream pop, watching Netflix originals, and going on adventures. Applicable job skills include falling asleep while playing the piano, introduction to computer science: java, and licking her elbow. She is a single mother to a seven-year old pomeranian.
Rebecca Zhou
CC '20
ISO people who are down to trek around NYC with me to take aesthetic dessert pics for Instagram.
Yijun Wang
Barnard VP
Barnard '20
Yijun loves her Soylent and her protein shakes because catching pokemon is hard work.
Debby Song
CC '20
Spends her time studying neuroscience and anthropology, dancing, and gushing annoyingly over the cutest niece in the world.
Jacob Azoulay
CC '19
An econ-math major and a physics concentrator, Jacob is a wiz at Excel and makes all of Chinese Students Club's spreadsheets.
Kenny Yuan
Comm Chair
SEAS '20
An overly proud Bay Area native, Kenny spends his days coding on Lerner Ramps, playing soccer or SpikeBall, dancing with CU Generation, dominating in Catan or Munchkins, and consuming excessive amounts of boba.

Executive Committee Members (ECMs)

Our ECMs are in charge of organizing each event.

Amy Zhang
Barnard '20
Always thinking about what she should eat for her next meal. Always has a basketball game tomorrow.
Michael You
CC '20
Everyone thinks my name means oil lamp in Chinese but it actually means swim-climb.
Alina Ying
SEAS '21
A computer science major and piano-lover, Alina loves reading books, eating food, and playing zhaopengyou (she is down to play anytime, anywhere).
Maya Weiss
Barnard '21
Just a wiggly gal from Portland, OR studying Dance and Architecture. Catch me at Barnard staring at buildings and rolling on the ground.
Rachel Sun
CC '20
Rachel is a junior studying economics and art history. She recently downloaded Pokemon GO to exercise.
Vivian Qiu
CC '21
Far away from her New Zealand home, Vivian is enjoying the opportunity to study a variety of subjects and learn fresh ideas and perspectives in her Computer Science and Creative Writing classes, as well as connecting to her Chinese roots through CSC
Ricky Pan
CC '21
Ricky is a physics major always looking for new ways to sell out. Grew up in Shanghai so you know he has strong lungs, stomach, and heart. Might cook better than your mom.
Vivian Liu
SEAS '21
Vivian is a proud Houston native but is perpetually freezing. Also responds to "other Vivian."
Enoch Jiang
CC '21
Enoch studies neuroscience, but he really wishes he could study the best bread puddings in New York City. He loves getting and giving food recommendations, spread the love like you can't believe it's not butter!
Vincent Guo
SEAS '21
An overly proud SoCal native, Vincent spends his days eating and sleeping. He never studies.

Organizational Committee Members (OCMs)

CSC's babies!

Bonnie Wang
SEAS '21
A country girl in the big city. Just kidding, I'm from New Jersey. I'm also a really bad CS major.
Cecilia Guan
CC '22
Catch Cecilia, a native Bostonian, in her natural states: scouring for food, grinding at the library, and momming her friends. She is a proud canto speaker (the SUPERIOR Chinese language) and consumes an inordinate amount of dim sum.
Elaine Wei
Barnard '22
Elaine is a native San Diegan who will refuse to leave her room when the weather drops to 30 degrees. Most of the time, she'll be napping.
Emily Zhang
CC '22
Emily has lived in Beijing for 8 years and her favorite saying is 'no honor roll no spring roll'.
Jasmine Xu
Barnard '21
Jasmine is probably the best OCM this year. Because who else has lived in Boise, Idaho?! Only Jasmine has.
Kevin Wu
GS '21
Michael Li
SEAS '22
Michael is a native Hong Konger who happens to be a member of the Chinese Students Club. He also does comp sci.
Ryan Hou
CC '22
While struggling to choose a major between physics and selling out, Ryan spends his free time chasing after great food all over the city.
Sunita Hu
CC '22
My way to grind through life: take photos, watch horror movies, sleep, sleep, sleep.
William Wang
CC '21
William is a computer science major that is “passionate about finance”. Interests include video games, music, and degeneracy.
Zachary Cui
CC '21
Ballroom and hip hop dancer, basketball player & used to be drama director, co-parenting a 10-year old pomeranian with my 6-year old brother.
Zerui Tian
CC '22
I love Diana smoothie, butler balcony seats, and cheesy Chinese historical dramas. I hate people who talk in libraries, mean professors, and long flights across half of the earth.