Delta GDP And Engineers Without Borders Development Consultancy Contest

Delta GDP and Engineers Without Borders – Columbia Chapter are proud to announce their Development Consultancy Contest 2013. Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit international organizational whose chapter on campus has been making periodic trips to international sites where it has engaged in engineering and development related projects to raise the quality of life of the people living there.

For the past seven years, EWB – Columbia's Ghana team has been involved with the village of Obodan in Eastern Ghana providing technical solutions for the community. Now, the village is also interested in developing a strategy to answer a growing problem: a lack of job opportunities.

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The Challenge


Present a creative and effective plan to stimulate economic growth in Obodan, Ghana.


Teams of 3-4 members will work with an Engineers Without Borders mentor to research and present an entrepreneurial solution for addressing the village's economic concerns. This proposal will address, among other issues, questions concerning budgets, timelines, obstacles, and areas that require further research. Proposals will be judged on feasibility, creativity, comprehensiveness and presentation.

The Timeline

1. Information Session: Wednesday, October 30th Pupin 214, from 8:00-9:00 PM

At this preliminary session, contestants will find out about rules and the timeline of this competition, expectations regarding presentation content and style, and prizes. Comprehensive packets of information on Obodan will also be distributed. The material is also available for download below:

Introduction Obodan Case Study Project Guidelines

2. Registration: 1 - 2 week of November

Register your team for entry into the competition by November 15th. This is the highly recommended deadline, as we cannot promise you access to a EWB mentor if you sign up past this point. You may choose to work alone or with up to four people. If you want to join a group but do not have one prepared, contact us and we will see if there is a registered group that is willing to partner up with you!

3. Mentorship: ~2nd - 3rd week of November

Each team will be assigned an EWB mentor.

4. Proposals Due: Wednesday, November 20th

Proposals are due by November 20th. Presentations will be made the following week.

The Prize

First Prize: $100

Second Prize: $50

This winter, an Engineers Without Borders assessment team will travel to Obodan to conduct research on the feasibility of implementing winning entries.

When EWB returns from their trip, they will contact the winning entrants about moving forward with their proposals for Obodan's residents.

Our Goal

is to provide a platform for the Columbia community to critically explore pressing problems of economic development. Bringing together academics, practitioners, and students to grapple with controversial issues in the field, we seek to highlight innovative and viable solutions to urgent questions. DeltaGDP's project also promotes specific initiatives through fund raising and other activities.

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