Our Mission

Delta GDP's mission is to explore new pathways in the field of international development. At the core of our vision is the understanding that development is a multifaceted concept. As it aims at human flourishing, not just economic growth, it necessarily spans an array of fields such as education, medical care, food security, gender issues, justice, political stability, and entrepreneurship, to name a few.

Our goal is to provide an on-campus platform for Columbia students to engage with each other and leading experts at the forefront of global development issues and related fields. We work to catalyze proactive initiatives and a more nuanced understanding in the Columbia community of the interplay between international development and innovative business strategies that successfully achieve a social, environmental and economic bottom line.

We drew the inspiration in forming our club from a Kenyan company that exports teas to the United States and other developed nations, while maintaining a commitment to improving the tea farming community in Kenya. We were inspired by the company's openness to adding strategies, such as fundraising, that are unconventional to the capitalist enterprise to make sure that it meets its social pledge as well.

We are happy to see more creative tactics appear everyday in this flourishing arena. We firmly believe that innovation is key to the creation of a more sustainable model for development. In light of this, we call ourselves members of a "project" rather than a prescribed solution, as we are in the process of exploring and tackling issues as they arise.

Our Goal

is to provide a platform for the Columbia community to critically explore pressing problems of economic development. Bringing together academics, practitioners, and students to grapple with controversial issues in the field, we seek to highlight innovative and viable solutions to urgent questions. DeltaGDP's project also promotes specific initiatives through fund raising and other activities.

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