TEI Medieval Manuscripts Description (TEI-MS)

TEI MS Work Group

The tasks assigned to this work group include:

  • to devise a set of tags suitable for on-line descriptions of western medieval and renaissance manuscripts with responsibility for the formal definition of the standard

  • to ensure that the interests of relevant constituencies (in particular, as represented by the Digital Scriptorium, the Electronic Access to Medieval Manuscripts, MASTER, and other projects in the area) as well as significant legacy-data issues are addressed


  • Consuelo W. Dutschke, Columbia University, co-chair
  • Ambrogio Piazzoni, Vatican Library, co-chair
  • Peter J. Kidd, The British Library
  • Eva Nylander, Lund University Library
  • Merrilee Proffitt, RLG


Minutes & Reports

  • TEI MS A1: TEI Medieval Manuscripts Description Work Group Members
  • TEI MS A2: TEI-L Announcement of First Meeting, 3-4 July, New York
  • TEI MS A3: TEI-L Announcement of Second Meeting, 5-7 March 1999
  • TEI MS M1: Minutes of Meeting, 3-4 July 1998, New York
  • Claremont Conversations among CWD, PJK, and MGP, 1999-01
  • TEI MS M2: Minutes of Meeting, 5-7 March 1999, Vatican Library
  • TEI MS M3: Minutes of Meeting, 13-15 October 1999, Berkeley, California
  • TEI MS M4: Minutes of Meeting, 30 September-1 October 2000, College Park, Maryland