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that are being administrated? On the one hand, to students, or students prospectively moving up, and on the other hand, to teachers?


Old-fashioned. I believe that tests are barometers or indicators of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the educational process, and I do believe that teachers ought to be competent in the areas in which they're teaching, and the only ways you can tell that is by-- now that does not mean that these tests are absolute, but they're the best indicators we have of the way in which the educational process is progressing. Or whether it's progressing.


Have you yourself examined some of the tests for students to termine the validity of the charge, or the lack of validity of the charge, that the tests are so worded that at places-- especially black children, but also Hispanics and other disadvantaged children, culturally disadvantaged children are under a handicap as far as results go, because they may have the intelligence, but they don't have the capability of responding to show what their potential is. I'm not thinking so much higher up, but lower down.


There's some validity to that, but this is what I mean by the test being an indicator of the educational process. Actually when you get that information from the test, you then know what you have to do to overcome any such deficiency or handicap in Hispanic or black or low-income children.

Well, it is obvious to me that tests are early indicators of the

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