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She said, “Oh, you know, it's not that important.” Well, it's usually the other way around, in a way, in a family. All of this had to do with Northside. Northside, after 30

years, throughout its 30 years, has been a manifestation of the solidityx of this person -- the quality of Northside is a quality of substance and solidity and concern for what is real.

I used to argue with her about getting more public projection of this thing, and her response was, “We're not concerned with image. We're concerned with, what are we doing for these children?”

She said, “I know too many agencies that substitute image for quality and substance, etc. I'll never put Northside to be this..”

My argument is, “Well, isn't there some balance? Isn't there some way in which you can keep your solidity and your substance and quality and the quality and communicate it to the public, so that there could be more?”

She said, “That's not my thing. I'm not able to do that.”

“Well, get somebody who can do that.”

We're still having that argument.

I guess what I'm saying to you is, I've been fortunate, very fortunte, in having a series of significant others who, with whom I not only could relate, but upon whom I could depend, and have a sense of security that the things that I thought were important were things which these significant others shared as being important, and therefore they were supportive. And high among them, if not the top among them in my adult life, would be my wife. And if you talk with her, it'll be difficult for you initially to see what I mean, because

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