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that we would not have an agency with which we would want to be identified.

So we brought the matter up to the board. Marian was chairman of the board. And to my surprise, she identified with Britt; in spite of our documenting the non-adaptive insensitivity, sadism really, cruelty of this man, Marian identified with him. And to put it very briefly, she gave us our choice of either continuing with Britt, or she would withdraw her support.

Well, this was a very disturbing ultimatum to us. Mamie and I thought about it. We knew where we were going, but we thought and thought for days, and finally we said to Marian, “You give us no choice, because if we continue with this man, we're not going to have an agency anyway. If we don't, you say you will withdraw.” That was about $100m000 per year. “Therefore, we'll take our chances and seek funds elsewhere.”

Well, she was as good as her word. She withdrew. And I guess it was the first time that Marian had ever come up against two -- at that time we were young, it was about 15 years ago, relatively young-- blacks who were not awed by wealth.

I'm putting that as graciously as I can. But I recall, when I was talking to my mother about this crisis, she said, “Kenneth, you know, there are two groups of people who need not be intimidated or made afraid or coerced by wealth-- those who don't have any money, and those who have quite a bit. You and Mamie have worked hard on this. This woman, who has been helpful, has contributed only money. You and Mamie have contributed your whole life.”

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