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So, when we heard that, we said, “All right, Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited, therefore, HARYOU.”

We got it incorporated. I set about organizing a staff. I stole a couple of people, one key person from Moblization for Youth who's still with me, by the way, James Jones-- a young, brilliant black sociologist who's the right hand person for Dick Clowart, and Dick Cloward made Jim available to me temporarily for the planning stage. But after I worked with Jim for a week or so, I knew damn well that his chances of going back to Mobilization for Youth were very slim, as long as I was alive and -- you know, I'm not above pirating.

But I knew that I needed a staff of the caliber of Jim Jones to do the job which, it was clear to me, had to be done for a serious --

And by the way, during this planning stage, the Kennedys, -- who were very flamboyant, you know, Camelot-ish, as you well know -- had a big public to-do about the grant which they were making to Moblization for Youth. Moblization had gone through its planning stage even before we knew anything about it, you know. But they had completed their planning under Clowart and Onlin, which led to their book, -- I think it was called MOBLIZATION FOR YOUTH -- and it was well-publicized, and you know, we had TV then and it was on television.

And I said, here's a group of white people who are getting all this money to prevent delinquency, and everybody knows that delinquency is exclusively black --and I stored it in my mind, and said, OK --

And it set an aspirational level. I think they said they'd

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