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first time, during this period, and who was just a rock, up to the very end, and now one of my closest friends. In fact, I'm going to see him next week, when I'm in the Virgin Islands.

James Dumpson, Judge -- there were a number of political figures, in addition to heads of social voluntary agencies working in the Harlem community -- the YMCA, the YWCA, Harlem Neighborhood Association, people. We brought together a community-wide coalition of professionals and politicians, as our overall board, and I set about the task of getting a top level staff of younger people trained, people -- and we spent the next year developing the document, YOUTH IN THE GHETTO, this document --which, by the way, was the basis of my book DARK GHETTO.

Fascinating period of my life. I returned to Harlem, you know. I'd been out of Harlem, in spite of Northside -- the HARYOU planning experience -- by the way, I should say that after the initial planning grant, the document we prepared then gave us the basis and was passed and gave us the amount of money we needed to do the large scale study, which I guess was about two or three hundred thousand dollars, something like that. Again, I don't remember. That made it possible for me to get the staff that resulted in the production of this, you see.


You had a subtitle on that -- A STUDY OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF ___


-- OF POWERIESSNESS -- yes. That was my theme, of what the delinquency and the other pathology of the community really

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