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working network of social psychologists who shared certain basic values, you know, social values and research interests, and -- Stuart, and Izzy Chein, and every social psychologist whom you see appended to the social science appendix to the brief of the Brown decision cases was part of that network, in the metropolitan area.

But for some reason, Stuart rather abruptly resigned from his position at NYU, went out to University of Denver, and literally left Claire out on a limb. She obviously didn't have tenure, and there was no question in my mind that she was one of the best methodologists in our field.

I had met Claire at the home of one of our mutual friends, Edna Merson, where we were, had been plotting for years to open up restaurants in New York City for non-whites, you know -- this went way back. My path with Claire crossed in two ways, her work with Stuart, and outside social activists' work with Edna Merson.

I had not only respect for Claire, but a tremendous amount of personal affection for her. I mean, she was a quality person whom I respected. And I just was upset at the fact that she didn't have a position.

Well, the bureaucracy, in getting someone of her level in the City University system, was just unbelievable. And it was clear, when I talked to the chairman of my department about taking Claire on, in our department, that we couldn't do it in terms of any available lines, budgetary lines, and the only way we could do it is if we set up a new operation, with its own budget, and outside

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