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funding. And that, interestingly enough, was a major factor in my decision to assume the responsibility of setting up the social dynamics research center at the college.

And -- Eureka, it worked! And one of the reasons it worked was because I made no bones about it, in the discussion with the chairman of the department and with the president of the college-- you know, that here we had an opportunity to get a top methodologist in the field, and we shouldn't lose it --

By the way, all of this was true. It was probably just a matter of time before someone else grabbed up Claire.

So, here we have the Social Dynamics Research Center set up. Larry and Claire were my senior associates. We had some junior members of the department associated with us in a peripheral way, and we had graduate students, you know, and we started getting contracts.

If this were a Hollywood moving picture, then we should all live happily ever after. Because it's not Hollywood, but real life, and because of this peculiar, perverted, masochistic streak in your subject, within that first year I knew that this was not the oasis that I wanted.

Now, nothing major happened to make me say, “Look, you know, it's not for you.”

What did happen was an accumulation of petty bureaucratic cant on the part of the college administration, in terms of contract acquisitions, expenditures, you know -- in order to get a typewriter, we had to (it seemed to me) fill out endless numbers

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