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of the taxpayers have to be protected by individuals who don't have any competing concerns.”

Well, hell, you know -- Shanker, who by that time had had his rupture with me, and who had already publicly said, “Kenneth Clark is crazy, pay no attention to him” -- well, he raised hell, on the wife and daughter or son as teachers of members of the Board of Education. The American Jewish Committee was outraged at Larry pointing out that this man, who was at that time the president, I think, I've forgotten his name -- this is clearly a psychological block, because he was at one time “a household word”-- he was president of the board at that time. He had a full time job as director of international affairs of the American Jewish Committee. And Larry said, “Look, if this man were part of the Catholic hierarchy, and at the same time drawing public funds as a member of the Board of Education, it would be a highly visible conflict of interests question. The fact that he is part of the top management and executive group of a Jewish agency”-interestingly enough, was inadvertently involved in the struggle for the reorganization of the public schools from Ocean Hill-Browns ville up, and by the way, we at MARC were involved in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville case. We were involved in the decentralization questions, you know, and we had been in conflict with other social agencies on almost all of our issues.

And we may not have been as wise and as strategic in the use of our weapons in our arsenal as more sophisticated people might have been, in that we used all the weapons in our arsenal

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