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continue to supply the majority of Foreign Service officers.

However, an increasing percentage of minorities from schools other than the Ivy League schools will be brought into the Foreign Service, because they're needed. More and more minorities are needed, and theye are not enough minorities in the Ivy League or similar schools who are not being pulled into other competing careers and professions.

Well, this is a nice thing to talk about, because it removes me from my emotional involvement, puts me in a kind of a more professional role.


What other governmental commissions have you served on that you've not mentioned?




Either federal or state, any level.


More federal ones -- I've been involved in NEW, on some of their panels, which were not particularly interesting to me anyway They were kind of la review of proposals and stuff like that. NIMH, and I enjoyed writing a blistering letter, after the Christmas bombings, withdrawing from that. Apparently I like to withdraw from things. State Commission on Youth, I'm a founding member of that. Urban Development Corporation. And Regents, of course.


Any particular experiences on any of these others come to your mind right now?

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