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absence of an executive. I mean, they have a good treasury, but they would have to double their present dues of $100 per year, I think, to fund a top level executive secretary, rather than the present secretarial backup which they now have.

And also, I don't know that they're doing enough in terms of getting younger people involved. Younger people. I don't think that they are being as diligent and as systematic and as-- well, they're not -- they're showing the signs of middle age atrophy, contentment, you know. They are acting as if this is the best of all possible approaches, and the best of all possible people, with experience, you know, and the background of success, etc. And I did push my son and a former assistant of mine to get in there, and I kept hinting that maybe they should bring some of these young people on the executive committee.

But their problem is that they are not able to deal with the bashness and the iconoclastic quality of the young people whom I respect. It seems to me as if they ought to be better able to understand and see the positive of young people who aren't particularly deferential. They don't seem to be.

As a result, they don't seem to have any young people. They don't even have deferential young people in the Group, and that's what I think they need for revitalization of the Group, the Hundred Black Men., etc.

Thank you. Here endeth my lesson!


I'd like to ask you a couple of questions further on the Group,

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