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right, etc. etc., and he gave us his word. What he didn't take into account, then, I guess, was the comparative vote of the Jewish population and the black population in New York. And I suppose at that time, I don't think he remembered that he was going to run for higher office or something.

I love his brother.


His twin brother?


No, I don't think his brother was a twin brother. They certainly don't look like twins. He's a lawyer. His brother -- I'm having a terrible time with names -- we worked together for over a year, on the investigation of the killing of the Black Panthers in Chicago. He worked with Ramsey Clark and me and with Roy Wilkins and others in investigating that, and publishing that book. A tremendous person, wonderful human being. (George Lindsay). He loves his brother, and when his brother shifted from the Republican to the Democratic Party, I asked George if he was going to shift too, -- George Lindsay is the name of the brother I respect so much --

I'm getting fed up with myself. I'm getting fed up because I find myself repeating the same theme, the same biases, the same-- I'm seeing myself more clearly than I want to see myself, in these interviews, Ed, and it's --

When I'm working, you know, day to day, and over my head in deadlines that are past due and contracts to be brought in and extended, I don't have to do this kind of thinking that your

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