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questions require me to do, and I could go on --


I trust it will make it a more valuable memoir for future historians and others.


But what's bothering me about it is that I am seeing my own futility more clearly than I ordinarily permit myself to see. And that's not a particularly pleasant thing to see. (laughing)

I've wasted a hell of a lot of time, pursuing will-o-the-wisp goals, you know -- Justice and Decency and Clarity and stuff like that. As Ray said to me, when I told him about setting up this firm -- he said, “Kenneth, why didn't you do this ten years ago?”

And you know, as I look back and see our balance sheet for the past month, I say to myself, “Well, Kenneth, why the helldidn't you do this ten years ago? Or for that matter, fifteen years ago?”

Maybe I couldn't have.

I spent a hell of a lot of time on elusive things.


I believe it was the Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug who frequently makes chiding and needling references to “people chasing butterflies.”


I've even chased gossamer butterflies, I think. You know. Gosh --

I get upset with the young people who do a lot of introspection. And I may see more clearly why, now. Introspection can be very inhibiting. If I had stopped and thought about things that I

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