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they'd go away on vacation -- psychiatrists never work in the summer time. We needed a stable personnel, because we were getting this pressure from people who wanted to use the service.

So then we began talking with a number of people about getting the facility on a stable basis, and getting it incorporated, getting a non-profit status so we could ask for money, and so on. And we came across a philanthropist who had just come into New York from Chicago, and she was Marian Rosenwald Ascoli. And she was looking for a project, and it just -- you know, it was one of thos accidents. The lines connect. And we met her.

Through her and her friends, who were in the clinical area -- as a matter of fact, her brother-in-law was Dr. David Levy, the famous psychiatrist -- we got introduced to the Poliers. Shad, as you know, was a lawyer, and he helped us with all the legal ramifications of getting incorporated and tax-exempt and so on. And he did all that without charge, and his wife Justine came on the board. She was one of the first board members, nucleus of the board of directors. We got more of -- (there's going to be a band; is that going to bother this?)


I dont think so, I'll --


-- anyway, they had friends, including Dr. Viola Bernard, who was very prominent in the mental health field, and some of our friends, made a small board of directors. And began to support us, particularly Mrs. Ascoli. She was the heaviest supporter in that period before we were able to seek funds.

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