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groups who worked for Northside, almost from the beginning of that first two years. Volunteer groups give benefits and raise money for the agency.

Side 2 Q:

You were mentioning the volunteer groups, Dr. Clark. These include, were you thinking also of the parents' councils?

Dr. Mamie Clark:

That would include the parents' councils, yes. In the beginning it did not. It just included people who were interested, and who wanted to help us.


Were those mostly people from Harlem or from outside of Harlem?


No, they were people from outside of Harlem, in the beginning. That first year. However, we had a group very shortly, we had a group to develop in Harlem, called Friends of the Northside Center, and they've been with us, oh, about 26 of our 30 years. So we had both kinds of groups working for us.


Did a group like the Friends actually do anything here at the Center? Or was their main function to raise money?


Their main function was raising money, really. Much later we developed a volunteer corps to work in the Center, but those are not necessarily the groups that raise money, I mean, there/'s some overlap, but not very much.


The volunteer corps that works in the center, to what extend do they

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