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what they needed.


Actually, even assuming that Freudian psychoanalysis can help some people, can it really do very much for a poor black kid who has to go back out into that same --


-- no. It can't do any good at all, because it doesn't address itself to the reality problems in his life. And that's where the way you have to start. Really, I mean, psychoanalysis, with the, dealing with the id and the ego and all that stuff, is absolutely irrelevant to these factors that we have here. It's irrelevant.


What kinds of psychiatric techniques are relevant?


Hm-mm...well, certainly a structured approach is relevant. That's the main thing. Most analysis is really open-ended, as you know. The patient does his thing, and the psychiatrist just sits there, listening, for the most part. Well, these children can't do their thing with somebody sitting and listening, because their thing is something like running up the walls. It's aimless. You know, it has no purpose to it. That's why they're here in the first place.

So the cardinal priority is structure for the children, so they can begin to see: I have this kind of situation that I'm in; I can do this or I can do that. And they begin to learn what's constructive to do. You know, like it's better to learn something than it is to just run up a wall. You have to give structure first. That's the first priority.

I guess the second priority is, you have to face the reality

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