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really. Then, when the appointment came, one day, I had just had my first child, and my first child was about two months old, a little baby in a crib. I was washing baby clothes, and I was hanging up diapers in the kitchen, and the doorbell rang. And it was Adam Powell and a couple of other entour age people, including a photographer.

I knew who he was, of course. And I invited him in. He said, “Where's your husband?” It happened my husband wasn't at home, and he said, “I've come to take a photograph.” He was very? of him. He said, “I want it to get in the right news spots and I want it to get in properly.”

I'll never forget, he said to me, “Of course, I was responsible for your husband's appointment. Did you know that?”

And I said, “No.” I knew it was wrong, you know, absolutely. But I was so outdone with that man, and he had come in the middle -- and my baby was crying, and I was frantic, he was taking my time, and he was threatening to wait for my husband.

I told him, I said, “Please don't wait. You can come back, but please don't wait.”

I had to get him out of my house. He was really -- he was overbearing. He was overpowerful. And it made me so angry, that he had said he was responsible for Kenneth's appointment at the college.

But he wanted that to get into the newspaper, so that he would take responsibility for that appointment. And fortunately, that picture never got taken. Fortunately.


The name A. Philip Randolph has come up here a couple of times.

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