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There's a lady by the name of Joan Kent Dillon from Kansas City, who ran a big seminar for arts organizations in the mid west, very successfully. She's a leader in the revival of Kansas City. We have a lady in Texas who helped us do the same thing down there. It's very strange, you know. These arts organizations within an area all look at each other as competitors. They never get together. When we organized this Texas symposium, I think it lasted two, or three days, where we discussed how you organize a philanthropic institution in the field of the arts or humanities, we were talkin about mundane matters like fundraising, management, etc., etc., we discovered this was the first time these people had ever talked to each other; which boggles the mind a little bit. But, it's true. They all look at the other guy as being the competitor and they're not going to tell him any secrets.[laughter] We worked in the, in the field of history in supporting the teaching of history in schools. History has sort of become forgetten. It's sort of got buried in social science and so on, so on, as, by the way, has geography too. There is a thing called the History Alliance which we have supported. They reported at last week's meeting on the success. They were now operating in, I think, it's twenty-eight states, which is pretty good, out of fifty.

Then we also learn quite a lot from each other because we have some rather distinguished professionals such as the Secratery of the Smithsonian, Bob McAdams, Cartor Brown, Director of the National Gallery, Dan Boorstin of the, of the Library of Congress.


They each make a report from their particular field of

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