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always charming and she always says the right thing. She has those little cards and reads them. And she's very, very nice, and she's very supportive. One of the things we did, we started the National Arts Medal, to be given to great artists and great contributors to the arts. And that was done at the White House. The first time was three years ago. The President was there and he made his pitch for arts and humanities. Well by the time you got the President and his wife making great pitches for the arts and humanities the battle is half won. At least half won. And you know that you have sympathy on the legeslative side.


And what else happened in the most recent year? This was the White House luncheon you were talking about? The once a year-


The previous evening we always have a meeting of the Executive committee, and then we have a three hour meeting of the board and then we have, once a year, the lunch at the White House, where “quote”, I report progress to the honorary chairman.

What subjects did we cover there? We covered the History Alliance, we covered the conservation issues. It was six or eight reports on everyone of these entities that we've created. Each will have a, a project direct director, and the project director usually makes a report on what has been going on. All in all it's quite interesting, and I think reasonably effective. But I think, again, I suspect that the hidden agenda has been more important than what we were doing.

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