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they're just the security men for all the important people who are coming to see the minister.” Hundreds of them. Then we went up to see the minister and had a pleasant time with him. And we saw a lot of other people. I never quite understood exactly, how much security there was, except that our wives went shopping they too had to have a security man with them when they went shopping. I finally became aware of it when we came to take off because everything was cleared in front of the hotel and our luggage was put in what looked like an old truck. And then we were in two cars and as we took off I became aware of the fact that in addition to the truck ahead of us, there was a car ahead of that and a car behind us and then weaving in and out, a car on either side. And I said, “My God, who are those people?” “Oh, don't worry, they're part of the security.”

When we finally got to the airport we just thought we should really see what it was all about. So we asked them to show us what they had and one of the men opened up his jacket and there, in his inside pockets he had hand grenades. The truck that was carrying the luggage had a fire-it's like a hose, but instead of firing-it fires, it's a flame thrower. A flame thrower that would throw flames for about fifty feet. I turned to Hedley and I said, “My God, for all we know these people might have been our kidnapers, no matter who pays them.”


Was the year 1970?

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