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of our editors, I'd been urging Hedely Donovan to really take a look at South America, particularly as he admitted that he'd never been there. And finally it must have been the middle 1970s, we both managed to put aside, I think it was twelve days, or something like, some such, and took the company jet and decided to take a look at South America. And we went to Venezuela, Brazil, we went both to the capital and to Rio and Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, and Panama. We met with foreign ministers and sometimes heads of state. And I remember in Buenos Aires we had an appointment to meet with the guy who was really running the country, who was not the president, but was the head Peronista fellow. I think he was Secretary of the Interior. His name escapes me and it doesn't matter very much. But we drove to the place and were searched. By the way, those days, in Buenos Aires security was a prime issue. And our people in New York had said, “Now, if you're going to go on that trip, by God you're gonna get security.” Well, we got it in Buenos Aires. We were met by about six men in three cars, driven to the hotel, shown to our rooms, a man slept outside the door with a sawed off shotgun for both doors, the Donovan's and the Heiskells'. We went to see this Minister of the Interior who was a Peronista. And we walked into a building and then into a courtyard that was filled with cars and hundreds of people who looked like thugs, and indeed they were. And we asked our correspondent, “Who are all those people?” He said, “Oh,

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