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did. And two rather interesting things occurred. The first was, as I walked into the door of the hotel, I was met by the then editor of the Louisville Courier who was a charming gentleman, getting somewhat old. And the first thing he said to me was, “Well, Andrew, I'm glad you're here because this organization needs some new and younger leadership, and I'm going to propose that Jack Knight become President”; Jack Knight being president of the then Knight Newspaper, now Knight-Ridder Newspapers, “And you to be chairman of the executive committee.” And I said, “Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. I don't even know what the Inter-American Press Association is.” So the next day, I was sitting at the meeting next to him and he had a heart attack.


The head of The Courier? Jack-


Yeah, the head of The Courier. And he was sent off to the hospital. As a result of which Jack and I really had no choice. [laughs] There it is. God has spoken. So that's how I became involved.

The other interesting aspect was this was at the height of Peron's power. And he was determined to show his muscle and do what he could to disrupt our meeting. So he sent over fifty, quote, journalist with letters of accreditation. But they were all thugs and they began to scream, rant and disrupt the meeting. And all sorts of fistfights got going and I found myself banging into a man, banging into the back

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