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Because if you've been involved in the Coalition, and the Library, and Harvard, and Brookings, and a few other things-




And Time. When there's somebody important that you haven't met, you can sort of yank yourself up and say, “Oh, I wonder why I never ran into him.” I guess I had three people that I categorize as people I try to emulate. And they would be: Roy Larsen, who is my predecessor at Time, John Gardner with whom I've worked over the years, who was head of the, I guess it was the Carnegie Foundation, and then was Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, and then I got him to be head of the National Urban Coalition, and with whom I've been in constant contact. Probably one of the most thoughtful men on the scene in the last twenty years and a man who's had a lot of influence, really, in his quite way, gentle way, on the U.S. and on an awful lot of people. And the third is Jim Rouse with whom I've worked on and off since 1953, and who's the great evangelist of trying to house America and to solve the problem of the poor. Oh, gosh I've met-


Well, why don't just, you've talked about Larsen before, why don't you talk a little bit more about both Gardner and Rouse now, before you go on. Things that strike you that you recall that they've done, or said. The incidents that

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