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Andrew HeiskellAndrew Heiskell
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Interview #15
Interviewee: Andrew Heiskell
Date: 3/11/87


The eleventh of March, 1987, We're at 870 U.N. Plaza. This is Jessica Holland for the Columbia Oral History Collection. Will you state and spell your full name?


Andrew Heiskell.


Let's start today with--we were in the middle of our discussion about people that you've known. But I wanted to go back to certain questions that pertain to your being CEO first and then we'll go back to the people.

I want to know what you thought perhaps was your biggest, or a big disappointment as CEO of Time Inc.?


Well, historically Time Inc. had always been run by people who had a combination of editorial and business know-how. It was true of Hedley Donovan, myself, Jim Shepley. For reasons about which I'm not quite clear we didn't train people for top management who had this combined experience, knowledge and feel. I suppose it was partly due to the fact that we expanded so, much in the video end. Therefore we were training people to understand the video business.

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