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I suppose it was partly because we got into the forest products business. But, in retrospect, we ended up when I retired, we ended up with a management consisting of a chairman who knew about publishing, a president CEO who knew about publishing and video and an executive vice president who knew a little about publishing and a lot about forest products. But nowhere in there was that business about editorial feel and knowledge and that may be why this management has stumbled so badly in terms of creating new publications.


So your disappointment is that in a way is that a self criticism that you didn't break-in--


Yeah, I always wanted to and I was sort of conscious of it but I never managed to get around to really settling down with Hedley and saying, “Now this person, I know is a very good editor, but let's give him some publishing experience.” The only thing we did was to move top editors from divisions up to the 34th floor, the corporate floor where they would work. They would get some smattering of what the company was all about but they still were mainly working on editorial matters and they were practically waiting to get back to their editing jobs. So it's just a shame. Because I think the company probably needs that combination.


What would you say are some of the things that you were most proud of as CEO of Time Inc.?

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